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This stock is a pump and dump operation. This company, Copytele has been around for 32 years. Copytele has never made a successful product in 32 years, not a single one. The firm markets events, such as partnerships, orders, development activities, stock placements THAT NEVER HAPPEN. Upon marketing, the stock is sold by insiders, who were given low / no cost stock, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. See links below from reliable sources including Wall St. Journal, Fortune, Popular Science, et. al. 

You will only find a majority of people on this board who have either lost 85%+ of their investment, and are holding onto the last shred of hope of one lawsuit against a former partner, or insiders who are paid to promote Copytele stock. This would be Douglas, aka "Happy", who has many aliases on this board and others.  

Ask yourself this; "Why would a man I don't know be telling me to buy / hold / not sell a stock with what appears to be inside information?" Insider trading ends you up in jail, and with legal problems.

Douglas, nor Ronald Tenio, (Copytele Investor Relations), who posts on this board, will NOT answer the questions "Why was the former CEO fired?" and will also not answer "Are you or have you paid people now or in the past to promote your stock?" Douglas (Happy) is paid to sell the stock, or keep people in it once they have lost. Douglas hasn't denied it in years of posts, and he is here to stop "longtime holders" from selling, which would cause a collapse, which ends the pump and dump. 

This is a boiler room operation. See the move "Boiler Room" to see how it works. I don't remember Boiler Room ending up in a friends' suicide as Douglas' may have, but in the mid-80's a Fortune article detailed a man who lost his life savings in Copytele, and that was 30 years ago.  

Research from reputable sources here: Research from insiders and people who have been burnt by Copytele, read the message boards attached. 

To discredit defendants' argument concerning knowledge of inside information, plaintiffs showed that the product and "raison d'etre" for CopyTele was in fact no big secret at all, having already been the subject of several articles in commonly circulated publications such as Fortune magazine. Petre, "The Mystifying Business Behind a Magical Stock," Fortune, June 11, 1984, at 55 (Exhibit 18); see also Kindel, et al., "Flat-Panel Display Remembers Images When It's Turned Off," Popular Science, August 1984, at 58; Andrew, "Heard on the Street: CopyTele's Stock Performs Like a Champion, Considering Firm Hasn't Closed a Single Sale," Wall St. J., November 1, 1984, at 63.

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nice job there, sandy. only thing missing is you forgot to use the word "common". har har har

really, fat, you are way overplaying your hand. give it a rest. let's see what the new mgt can do. don't you have any kind of life?
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